Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Tom Riddle & Slughorn Horcrux Memory FULL SCENE HIGH QUALITY

June 6, 2012 by Chelsy  
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25 Responses to “Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Tom Riddle & Slughorn Horcrux Memory FULL SCENE HIGH QUALITY”
  1. Frankievanberkel says:

    never understood why he is? dressed as a public school boy…

  2. RubiahSahara says:


  3. Tom Riddle says:

    I was? in the library the other night in the restricted section…

  4. Joost052001 says:

    I Know But? Stll

  5. K4inan says:

    Does that stop people? from doing it? Noooope

  6. Joost052001 says:

    Thats Illegal?

  7. Joost052001 says:


  8. Readsville says:

    This fuckin dude walking in front of the screen scared the shit outta? me

  9. SnakesMaybe says:

    Well,I think he’s hot but he acts like a little bitch.? Just like Draco,haha ;) But seriously,Blimey,Voldemort looked like a teen model and decided to throw it all away and convert into a noseless alien.

  10. TheDanishCatLover says:

    “Of course, Sir”?

  11. K4inan says:

    A man walking down the cinema? This was obviously? filmed right in the theatre..

  12. JHulse29 says:

    Voldemort considered? himself the 7th Horcrux, which would make Harry the 8th

  13. JHulse29 says:

    Ah yes but count them up, counting Harry? there WERE 8 Horcruxes! Voldemort himself, the locket, the diadem, the ring, the diary, the cup, and the snake. Harry was the 8th Horcrux, the one Voldemort never meant to make

  14. MozartMeerkittten says:

    So,? according to this information, Sauron’s Ring was also a Horcrux and so was the Adderhead’s White Book.
    Apperently great evil minds think alike, even when they’re all from different worlds.

  15. mhughes38 says:

    does it make me a bad harry potter fan if my favorite? part of all the harry potter movies is this one.

  16. april199510 says:


  17. BieberBabe3194 says:

    @Tideswipe *ripping? the soul*

  18. BieberBabe3194 says:

    @Tideswipe What he meant by ripping the into seven pieced was that he would make six horcruxes. Seven pieces, six horcruxes and then the last piece would be in his body. If it wasn’t he wouldn’t be able? to live.

  19. goldlion16 says:

    maybe he was trying to make the 7th horcrux by murdering harrys parents but not meaning for the 7th horcrux to be harry himself.? That’s the only way I can make sense of it too :/

  20. Tideswipe says:

    In Snape’s last memory, Dumbledore? states that after Voldemort tried to kill Harry in Godric’s Hollow, Lily jumped in front of Harry and got killed. And so fetched his soul in Harry, he became the seventh horcrux, but this was not Voldemort’s intention. As I understand it now, his soul wasn’t supposed to be split in seven pieces. How is it possible that in this memory, Riddle asks about the possibility about splitting his soul in seven pieces while he wasn’t trying to do so in the future?

  21. HerrrLuna says:

    A piece of Voldemort’s? soul???

  22. xHanna14 says:

    Look at 0:02 in the lower left corner of the video. O_รด? who was that.

  23. megdiaaa says:

    slughorn unknowingly birthed? the dark lord 0_0

  24. randomisraelite says:

    riddle is? a unique guy to say the least

  25. TheKrejzibejbi says:

    3:09 woah woah what the hell? was that? XD

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