Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince – 4 Behind The Scenes

June 8, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Behind the scenes on set footage from HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE! Scenes: Draco+Dumbledore on Astronomy tower, Bellatrix fired the Hagrid’s house,Snape’s indisputable vow, Harry clamber on Hermione and Ron’s hands


6 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince – 4 Behind The Scenes”
  1. 44Coolcatty says:


  2. ithungers says:

    Ouch…I would hate to have? someone stand on my head. Well done, Rupert, lol.

  3. xoxdanielle18 says:

    what does Emma say when she hoists dan up…she says? “I thought that was quite funny though that…” and then I don’t understand the rest.

  4. Anieckieee says:


  5. picklez26 says:

    Lol I love it how he? just stands on Rupert’s head.

  6. narniafreak182 says:

    i love that emma and rupert are giving danel a leg-up, i would have loved? to of seen that in the final cut!

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