Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Interviews

June 10, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint talk about returning to the Harry Potter film series and what to expect from The Half-Blood Prince.


25 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Interviews”
  1. TVlover2011 says:

    i? counted too :)

  2. Louiseface123 says:

    Although I am a massive fan of Emma and think she’s a beautiful girl, I’m not so blinded by her that I can’t see when she’s looking rough. She is looking a bit down, not brilliantly dressed. But everyone has bad? day, even movie stars! xD

  3. The8Zer0 says:

    HAHA he isn’t died xD

  4. 123doobedoo says:

    Do you reckon? he realises the amount of times he says ‘kind of’ ? :P

  5. soapfan97 says:

    I love the scene from 2:14 -? 2:27 !!!! Funny!:L x

  6. 2lbDice says:

    harry dies

  7. brandaistecka says:

    The most recent Harry Potter film ended up being amazing! My friend and I just watched it? leaked online. We found the film at watch harry potter. us (no spaces)

  8. udontseethetruth says:

    emme looks and? sounds terribly bored :D

  9. FuriaAlbaGeoX says:

    fuck? off

  10. ohmigoditsL3 says:

    last one?

  11. RamonitaePaul says:

    We were absolutely astonished that the new HP7 movie has been already leaked. We viewed the entire thing on? watchharrypotter. us

  12. Jacintaissocoollike says:

    Rupert says kinda alot? lol :)

  13. TannerMarrero says:


  14. CyprusMovieDirector says:

    am e, am e? am e am e 1:32

  15. xoxdanielle18 says:

    dan and emma look exhausted.?

  16. happytimesten says:

    when do ron and hermione? EVER kiss in this movie???

  17. CampRockfan40 says:

    @E5M13R18? prob the glasses

  18. TheGootzy says:

    Good movie, you can? watch it at watchmovies.isgreat . org

  19. lovestorywriterable says:

    What did she with her beautiful? hair?

  20. Steph4Xmen says:

    okay… its like they don’t want to said that David is a POOR director hahaha? xD!!

  21. Steph4Xmen says:

    yeah I agree because in one movie they cannot put all the? story… but in too ,yes (i’ve read only the 6 and 7th books :S ) but david have put a scene with some death eaters that is NOT in the book …so this scene could have be an other scene -_- gosh , and the scene with the bridge and restorant too o_O

  22. gazahgg says:

    she looks angrey? real ang..

  23. leebone98 says:

    i wish that they did the 2 part movie thing for the order and halfblood ?

  24. verritaserum says:

    Apparently they do up to 60 or more 4-minute interviews over 2 days at each Premiere often in the same place most of the day. It’s a miracle they can keep their eyes open, their tempers under control, and their sanity, particularly after being asked the same question 30 + times …

    Interesting that Emma admits that Kloves’s scripts are so off-beam she “regularly” changes her dialogue to what? is written in the book. Evanna Lynch also said she corrects her lines.

  25. whatevergirlPCR says:

    Emma and? Rupert look like they have a cold… Emma definitely looks like she’s in pain one way or the other.. maybe she could be just tired

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