Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Review Part 2

June 2, 2012 by Chelsy  
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This is part 2 to the Black Sisters Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Review!!!! In this we discuss the end of the movie (including the Cave, Dumbledore’s death, Snapes declaration as Half Blood Prince etc etc) and character profiles. Feel free to comment and review! We LOVE to hear your opinions :) :) www.theblacksisters.co.uk (still huge maintenance) alwayspureblood


24 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Review Part 2”
  1. CapriceMoody90 says:

    Wonderful, I really cannot believe Harry Potter 7 ended up being? leaked out online! Look at it now with watch harrypotter.us (no spaces)

  2. ZonaeCarval says:

    We were certainly surprised that the new HP7 movie is already leaked. We viewed the whole? thing at watchharrypotter.us

  3. millydolly1 says:


  4. NessSophie says:

    the mid apparate? thing was really good about how it should have ended!

  5. Pigfarts42 says:

    Yeah Bonnie annoyed me too. I loved her in the other films like her kickass? Reducto spell. But she gets a major role and suddenly can’t act

  6. Vampiricshow says:

    no funeral annoys you? get this they bury him in? an island in the middle of nowhere in dh part1!

  7. MisKPitbullDestroyer says:

    Lol? British people

  8. VailaIsMe says:

    It annoys me how Bonnie? Wright’s head doesn’t look like it’s on fire. >:(

  9. katiemayyy710 says:

    I actually had a few issues with Michael Gambon in this film. I know everyone loved him in HBP but, particularly in the beginning, he just sounded like he was reading the script or something. But maybe that was? just because of how it was written. It came across as Dumbledore trying to fit as many book lines (verbatim) as possible. I don’t know, maybe I’m alone…

    And also, the stupid Burrow “battle” seemed to take the place of the final fight, which is really disappointing. :(

  10. missburn says:

    And oh! The first scene, where Dumbledore’s taking his arm around Harry.. Omg, I got tears in my eyes. That was so moving. Dumbledore was Harry’s protector, guide, friend.. When the film ended, I had to watch that scene? again.

  11. missburn says:

    It was good, but there are a few mistakes. The thing Dumbledore drinks from is supposed to be a.. Christal glass? In the film it’s? a weird thingie. Narcissa’s hair is wrong! And I was waiting for the funeral but it didn’t come. Wtf? I think it’s wrong not to give Dumbledore the respect, and not give him a fucking funeral. That made me a bit mad.
    And I agree with you on Ginny. She’s acting really bad in this movie. There’s something wrong with her facial expression. Or lack of..

  12. irocklove14 says:

    “david yates, i am sorry? for threatening you with a cactus”

    lmfao xD

  13. SavannahCullen says:

    Sorry for the rant last comment. Your? reviews of the actors were spot on in my opinion, keep being awesome!~

  14. SavannahCullen says:

    The apparating? was WRONG! It’s supposed to be like the twins from last movie; The inferi did look like Gollum, Felton was AMAZING in that scene in the tower, The battle that was supposed to be going on was crap, Hagrid’s Hut was done kinda odd, Dumbledore’s body was touching, but there was NO FUNERAL! I cried, sure, but the FUNERAL WAS KEY!!!

  15. CAUGHTONFIRE says:

    I? love you too!

  16. FantasyGirl365 says:

    I totally agreed with? you two in both parts. Great review!

  17. 26chickensslycooper says:

    That was a great review, I must say one thing.? Why does Proffessor McGonagall have pointy things on her shoulder? It bothers me for some reason.

  18. arslanbali says:

    harry? potter bitches!!!!!!!

  19. Jplocinik11 says:

    I was the only person who screamed in the movies when the hand grabbed harry i saw it 3 times and i screamed every time. I love Bonnie Wright but there could have been some more emotion there in those big scenes with Harry. I never cry in? movies but i did when dumbledore died

  20. okgo8 says:

    im american and you could definatly say im fricken passionate about harry potter!
    i was a bit dissapointed? after i saw the 6th movie because it differed so much from the book…or maybe my friends and i hyped it a bit too much ;]

  21. purebloodjiselle says:

    Not gonna lie, I started bawling when Dumbledore had to drink. It? was JUST like I pictured it in the book, and I cried when I read the book. I cried when Dumbledore died as well.

  22. Felixwitch13 says:

    i agree with u all so much on this film,
    i liked it,
    but some of the scenes didnt NEED to b ther like u both said, ? but over all it was at least 4 and a half stars

  23. vikixbrittxperuxlove says:

    lol u english people r very serious about ur Harry Potter :P
    in america some like the? books and the movies r good and all but u guys r passionate about harry potter

  24. mugglewahfuls says:

    Okay i have not read the book.I only just started it.But luvd the? movie. i had only two problems with it 1.Ginny. She looked more like she was playing with harry! 2.The battle with harry and snape! I mean he’s angry and all he does is fall to the ground and stay there? I was like, come on harry get up and do something!! I truthfully think i need to watch it again though because i didnt much like OoTP the first time i watched it either. But now i luv it lots! I agree the beginning was amazing!

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