Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Review

June 7, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Review. The phenomenon continues! But does it still have the magic? Host Grace Randolph asks audiences what they think of the latest adventure at Hogwarts.


24 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Review”
  1. Ryanmiller70 says:

    The Harry Potter films were amazing until Order of the Phoenix, which sucked. This movie brought me back to the Harry Potter films, but I haven’t? seen either part of Deathly Hallows.

  2. TheJeej says:

    The first and second ones were the best. This was one of my LEAST favorites. But to each his own.?

  3. gerve103 says:

    muggle lol?

  4. JamaaliDiehl says:

    The latest Harry Potter movie is mind-blowing! My dad and I just now experienced it? released online. We stumbled upon the film on watchharrypotter.us

  5. JayiSeals says:

    Couldn’t believe tht Harry Potter 7 has? been put online so early! My sis and I found the film at watch harry potter. us (no spaces)!

  6. Mega090282 says:

    snape is actually? awesome1

  7. Miki18924 says:

    girl lol?

  8. hufflepuffit says:

    The? best Harry Potter film? pfft. More like the worst.

  9. Disbeat911 says:


  10. Dmanplayer723 says:

    Meh stopped watching? the movies after the 4th one I’ll stick with the book’s even tho I’ve read them all about 6 time’s now….

  11. TakayamaPaLmEroIntaL says:

    ya know what am sayin!! <<<<<====He? Keeps saying it!!

  12. biblegirl says:


  13. kukarsom says:

    bajs i? anus

  14. 12345tanbobby says:

    MAKE HARRY? POTTER NUMBER 100000000000000000000000000000

  15. Krystinanosoul says:

    duhhhhh! itz supposed to be dark! thats? how Jo came up with the idea for these books in the first place!

  16. christy11697 says:

    lucky? i wanna go

  17. BlakkkJeans says:

    Agree with you 100% I’m still on the 5th book and I still think the other 2 remaining books might be? better then the movie.The movie just confused me when I was little,the books explain much more.

  18. OpenFireProductions1 says:

    Yeah I know.? But did you see the deathly hallows part 1? That was insane!!!

  19. BearObo says:

    4:03 there was? blood!

  20. superskiier88 says:


  21. Jrmysttn874 says:

    count how many times you hear “no wha I m? Say’n”

  22. kimhwaj says:

    Each of movies? should have had 2 part like Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows!!!

  23. TheBleakHorse says:

    ‘They took out so much… so much…’ URGH GO AWAY. THEY KEEP ALL THE BEST BITS IN?

  24. GetRichEasyNow1 says:

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