Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – PC game Demo part 1

June 11, 2012 by Chelsy  
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All (C) for the game EA. Well here it is; the PC demo. The dueling has improved somewhat from the earlier games in the series. Everything is on low, by the way, as my PC can’t play and record this game at anything higher.


24 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – PC game Demo part 1”
  1. ajmrowland says:

    I’ll say that when it’s possible to use a? wii controller for PC versions of 5 and 6. They have to have bluetooth support, of course.

  2. ajmrowland says:

    HP4 being better than 5?? well, it’s your opinion I guess.

  3. ajmrowland says:

    I’m pretty? sure there would’ve been some news about it if that was the case. Same with any official game released in stores.

  4. ajmrowland says:

    And the 360 version of DH1? and 2 doesnt count? Be sweet for the other games.

  5. shan96ful says:

    how kick ass would it be if they made harry potter games on kinnect . MY DREAM OF BEING A WIZARD WOULD COME TRUE? !

  6. ricardo95427 says:

    eu to baixando pelo torrent e esta demorando de + copensa eu espera pra baixa ol nao ??? quem jah jogo esse jogo me ajuda

  7. Igotstehspoon says:

    Voice acting and dialogue? in these games are just hilarious

  8. jpbuckland3790 says:

    where did you? get the demo?

  9. DarthRushy says:

    I too had that problem… took me the same time… but the game was worth the waiting.?

  10. DarthRushy says:


  11. DarthRushy says:

    I don’t know if it’s answered,? but I will.
    I have the game and I didn’t get any viruses. It just took like half of the day to load and then I could play it totally awesome. Only Quidditch is bad.

  12. DarthRushy says:

    After a plenty of? duels, you can duel him and blast him with Levicorpus.

  13. DarthRushy says:

    I think it’s Seamus? Finnigan.

  14. IsukiKyuga says:

    Played the PS2 version…? Was okay…

  15. darrenw1996 says:

    4:58 wtf??

  16. 47Spacedog says:

    link plz?

  17. catalin000ful says:

    1 DISLIKE from me …. because? I realyy don’t like this video xD

  18. boracayrhumbo says:

    Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows turned out to be amazing! My buddie? and I just now noticed it released online. We discovered it at watch harry potter. us (no spaces)

  19. Lukedrew100 says:

    I heard that if you get this game on the PC it will? cause a virus. Is this true ? If anyone answers me, as a reward, I will give you a thumbs up and reccomend your channel to others.

  20. BakuraSR45 says:

    video games look so much more fun watching them. i saw this video like years ago, then bought the same game without knowing and? they were totally different. this game wasn’t that fun. i finished it in a day.

  21. MoffSeerdon says:

    What they are thinkin’?

    Its suck… HP 1, 2, 3, 4 game better than? 5, 6…

    Harry vs Ron? WTF? (Episode 4. actually)

  22. TheLeo2021 says:

    shitty graphics :S?

  23. jk2infantry says:

    is anyone having trouble installing the game?
    im getting some extraction errors. some crc errors to do with data.big and movies.big
    ive managed to? bypass that extration using winrar
    but when i play the actual game, it screws up everytime i enter dueling or flying
    any help?


  24. trolior says:

    THATS WHAT SHE? SAID …. i guess

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