Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince: Quirky Quotations

June 5, 2012 by Chelsy  
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A collection of some of the many humorous quotes from the latest Harry Potter film. Feel free to leave me any quotes you’d like to see in my next video.


24 Responses to “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince: Quirky Quotations”
  1. Laliya44 says:

    Harry- “not to mention the pincers… ” *makes clicking noise*
    Ive watched that more than 30 times and i cried from laughter every single time :’) gotta? love harry on liquid luck

  2. usnndy says:


    AKA? “to masturbate”

  3. LiliannaPotter says:

    1:38 arrogant much, harry? I love how he looks like he would actually want her to slip him? the love potion. o.k. I’ll watch the rest now

  4. lizardswithshoes11 says:

    OH NO! You never put in the part where he said “HI!” After her drank the lucky potion! I love that part! It’s so funny because he never speaks so flipping enthusiasticly! :( But nice job thanks everthing? else was very funny. Lol
    Herminie: She only likes you because you are the chosen one!
    Harry: I am the chosen one! *SLAP* Oh right sorry.
    lol My favorite movie out of all 7 8 of them… So far… Can’t wait for the Deadly Hallows Part 2! :) Thanks!

  5. MadonnaHusbands says:

    Many of us were astonished that the Harry Potter movie is already leaked. We viewed the whole thing on watchharrypotter.us?

  6. amzai1029 says:

    the best is :
    - Harry!
    - Sir?

    but? in Polish version he’s sau What?

  7. chocol8gal42 says:

    I haven’t? laughed so much in a long time!

  8. christylove13 says:


  9. krazy4kris says:

    Love? this, but the best part is:
    *Harry walks out of common room, random student walks by* Hi!!!!!

  10. xSpillax says:

    I totally agree :’)? kills me every time!

  11. hannurrb says:

    love this collection, though I think the best line is Ron’s on the train…

    Harry – “what would he be doing in Bourgin and? Burkes, browsing for furniture?”
    Ron – “it’s a creepy shop, he’s a creepy bloke..”

  12. XElectraBlueX says:

    lol at 1:02 snapes face is? like WTF?

  13. dogstyle2222 says:

    The? lucky potion makes Harry high lol

  14. avit011 says:

    your video was great, but? is was lacking in the BEST QUOTE OF THE ENTIRE MOVIE!!!!!!

    ron- “are you barking?!?!”

  15. smileyfan16 says:

    My favorite quote is?
    “Did you and Ginny do it”

  16. iLoveJbMcFlYTakeThat says:

    Omg when Dan/Harry was like high on Liquid Luck? lol

  17. melbournestormfreak says:

    ‘i do like knitting? patterns’
    ‘dragon balls’
    ‘my parents are dentists’
    ‘did you and ginny do it?’

  18. GilraenLuinwe says:

    The pincers thing made me laugh so much =P
    And ‘Harry!’ ‘…Sir!’ =D
    For some reason it’s so much funnier to read than to watch. But? the conversation about skin was great aswell!

  19. janomilka says:

    wow…very good vid!?

  20. crazykakalover says:

    I want to see the? whole scene with Pr.MacGonagall………
    It’s reeeeally funny!

  21. etblanken15 says:


    this one was AMAZING!!

  22. herfberf16296 says:

    oh please do make another if you can :)
    this one was excellent :)
    if you could, could you possibly include the dragon balls bit, the “did you an ginny do it?’ and maybe the bit after slughorns dinner party when ron asks how it was and hermione goes, “quite boring actually, though i think harry enjoyed dessert”. :)
    or if anyone could get them really, i love those? bits as well :)

  23. jeviennis says:

    oh thats? my favourite part of the whole film.

  24. AnimeStargrl15 says:

    But you? forgot Dragon Balls
    And “Did you and Ginny do it?”

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