Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Soundtrack – “In Noctem”

June 4, 2012 by Chelsy  
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This Video Contains music from the “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Soundtrack – composed by Nicholas Hooper. The full soundtrack will be released on July 14th by Warner Brothers Entertainment. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince (the movie) will be released on July 15th in the US. Enjoy! :)


25 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Soundtrack – “In Noctem””
  1. TheSemukas says:

    That scenes? was deleted

  2. TakoMan02 says:

    Why did you record this with your potato??

  3. MrsCarlisleSnape says:

    Severus Snape is certainly a character that will NEVER be forgotten and will? ALWAYS be cherished in our hearts!!!!!

  4. Neytirihime says:

    It’s beautiful how such opposite words can mean the same… in this? song the final part “NEVER will forget” and in the final book when Snape says ALWAYS meaning he will ALWAYS remember his lily and her love for her. :’(

  5. elshcari714 says:

    1:13 to 1:31 = Best part!

    And just listen to the notes? exactly at 1:29 …. No words needed! I’ve found my happy place!

  6. 231thedream says:

    When they aired it on abcfamily this December, they included the scene with? this song.

  7. pandaprincess4675 says:

    does anyone know who is singing in this? song? is it a choir or something?

  8. boredgirl701 says:

    in? what scene was this??

  9. superaznyeah says:

    ooh? yay

  10. gothicgrowler says:

    then you’re a contertenor, like me :) ?

  11. superaznyeah says:

    I’m a guy, and I can sing the? soprano part

  12. Slytherinsrule316 says:

    i put this on my phone when i bought the HBP? soundtrack… it’s my second ringtone. my first is empire state of mind part 1 i think

  13. adamyoungfan56 says:

    If this isn’t on iTunes, I will die.?

  14. vonminitorxi says:

    in the? end it sounds like neville will forget

  15. tyranno56 says:

    it’s? so beautiful :’( :’(

  16. percyslilsister says:

    i love this song but? its too epic to be played loudly on my computer

    this is my favorite on this soundtrack

  17. beautyisfiction says:


  18. kateprincessa says:

    They shouldn’t have deleted this or they should have put it? somewhere in the film .. this music is giving me the chills

  19. throughthepensieve says:

    ughh, they deleted the petunia scene and fred’s death scene. petunia’s scene was heartbreaking and bet everyone would be in tears with fred’s scene.?

  20. throughthepensieve says:

    bahha i know right. it would’ve been way more? epic if everyone was watching.

  21. AhmadDark1987 says:

    the deleted scene should have made it to the movie instead of the crappy scene of the burrows hit with fire. They should have also added the battle at Hogwarts , in the end they should have? shucked to the novel instead of the the thing they made

  22. Nevi234 says:

    [I think] They deleted the? scene because it revealed too much about Snape’s true alligence’s.You can tell he didn’t want to kill Dumbledore.

  23. SnapePaper says:

    Not much? happens – McGonagal tells everyone to get into their houses, snape stands looking all muddy as the dark skies turn dark. Draco is in bed, Draco gets out bed and then yer…that is pretty much it.

  24. DanielaSeiersen says:

    Wonderful, I really can not believe? Harry Potter 7 was in fact leaked out on the web! Watch it now on watchharrypotter. us

  25. TheMvessel says:


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