Harry Potter and the half blood prince SPECIAL-1/2

June 8, 2012 by Chelsy  
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the part 1/2 everything harry potter 6, for all the HP fans out there! funny interviews, behind the scenes and extra *lots of complains about the loud music, i’m sorry but the volume must have tricked me, there’s nothing i can do it now, just enjoy it the way it is, you can still get what they are saying when you turn on the volume… cheers to everyone


25 Responses to “Harry Potter and the half blood prince SPECIAL-1/2”
  1. TheJasonDR says:

    Rupert Grint is the reason I? will never marry a ginger …

  2. danni2602 says:

    harry : c’mon dont be? prat ron breath !

    did they put that line in the film or not i cant rember

  3. TheMalfrey says:

    Rupert’s? just going with Emma’s flow, we all know he loved it really ;)

  4. lexy9210 says:

    quidditch scenes? look so effing fun

  5. SharonX says:

    I thought something from beonce or however you may spell her name. ?

  6. 11wormbig says:

    Good video…but your music was much lounder? than the dialogue we’re trying to hear!

  7. DaronMalakianLover says:

    it looks fun? also!

  8. Sedziie123 says:

    There lying , they? both enjoyed it :’)

  9. DJ3Point3 says:

    the one? a 6:30 is Beyonce crazy in love :)

  10. thekanadiankousin says:

    normally music in the backround would have pissed me off, but? you did it quite nicely…good job

  11. ThaLRC says:

    hahaha the quidditch swinging thing cracked me? up

  12. Teensdisneyfrench says:

    Thanks !?

  13. popifun says:

    that’s? YMCA!

  14. Teensdisneyfrench says:

    What’s the? song at 4:32 and 6:30, please ?

  15. LinkZeldaLuvcomic says:

    What have? you done By Within? Temptation such a good song

  16. colesp101 says:

    LMAO “it just felt like INCEST…”?

  17. Heartshapedbox81 says:

    I feel soooo bad for emma & rupert cause we have no idea how awkward that had to be for them, i? mean they did grow up together like come the only ppl you spend that much time with growing up are your “Siblings”

  18. thetree21220 says:

    This was good except for the annoying ass background music you put in that runs the? whole time!

  19. xHanna14 says:

    I think it’s for Emma to kiss? rupert feeling the same as me kissing my twin brother… OMFG

  20. xHanna14 says:

    Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone and harry? potter and the half-blood prince are the happiest hp-movies i think xd

  21. boracayrhumbo says:

    Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows turned out to be stunning! My buddy and I just recently experienced it released? online. We located the film at watchharrypotter.us

  22. RocioaSowers says:

    Impressive, My husband and I just can’t believe Harry Potter 7 was in fact leaked out? online! Look at it now at watchharrypotter. us

  23. courtcira92 says:

    The music is soooooooo random lol :) ?

  24. kattamatta5 says:

    4:37 – must get one of? those…..

  25. JadeTubeXx says:

    I dont remember a kiss in? the half blood prince between Ron and Hermoine

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