Harry Potter and the half blood prince – SPECIAL-2/2

June 12, 2012 by Chelsy  
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the part 2/2 everything harry potter 6, for all the HP fans out there! funny interviews, behind the scenes and extra don’t miss it on the big screen!


24 Responses to “Harry Potter and the half blood prince – SPECIAL-2/2”
  1. chicasrock96 says:

    :50 XD can’t? stop laughing

  2. rajaijaz007 says:

    RUPERT FTW !!?

  3. mmao96 says:


  4. sakuragurl15 says:

    <3 tom? felton's face right after he says "lady gaga?" xD 2:12

  5. TheLovelove4444 says:

    OMG……Dan is like? tottaly ADD or ADHD or somthing

  6. Rubyblue0910 says:

    6:47? I love that, out in the rain, smiling and laughing. Dans the best :)

  7. rpmp89 says:

    dan is the funniest? guy ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. AnnieRox250 says:

    2? people are drilling a hole in their head :P

  9. SPDSDancer7 says:

    Dan is so cute in? this interview!!!

  10. ylvamaria85 says:

    Hahaa, ROFL.. Dan is hilarius!

  11. MAndyandJuic3Boxz says:

    3:13 AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME xD? Love the way he said it

  12. inPAYNEfor1D says:

    i love ROVE!!! haha gotta love aussies “ranga”? ;P

  13. LittleMisssMalfoy13 says:

    Rupert is all? the ginger’s leader :D

  14. Nekologic says:

    2:12 ..? lady gaga?

  15. thecheekygirl98 says:

    “Ok, fine your in love? with her. Have you actually mett her ?” ^^

  16. popifun says:

    Glad u enjoyed it!? :)

  17. whiteribbonman1 says:

    THIS video was pure FUN!! THANK YOU FOR UPLOADING? IT!! :)

  18. MsLozeh says:

    ROVE!! i havnt seen him in? ages :)

  19. cigar100 says:

    Ther so? funny i couldn’t stop smiling :)

  20. cigar100 says:


  21. sakuragurl15 says:

    2:12 “Lady GaGa?!”? xD LAWL

  22. palomitasale says:

    I love that AWESOME? 3:09

  23. VenaaBrowne says:

    I cannot believe the fact that HP7 Part 2 has already been put online? so soon! My bro and i saw it on watchharrypotter.us!

  24. pinayfrmjville says:

    “Hermione’s eyes widened? as Ron takes back his wand.”

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