Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [Trailer / 2009]

June 9, 2012 by Chelsy  
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EA introduced a new trailer, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which we see the new features of the game, including a remarkable castle interiors. INFORMATION Genre: action; Number of players: 1 Web site: www.harrypotter.ea.com Date 03.07.2009


17 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [Trailer / 2009]”
  1. CharlineWeisberg says:

    nice and cool movie..watched 3 times in webmovietube?

  2. MariettaKnipping says:

    he,i watched this movie 5? times in webmovietube..thank u

  3. leonidaroofner27 says:

    great miovie..one of the best that i? ever watched..check this movie in webmovietube

  4. leonidaroofner27 says:

    omg this? is freakn hilarious!!! check out this movie in webmovietube

  5. leonidaroofner27 says:

    njoyed this? great movie in webmovietube

  6. hagansmccollom says:

    Cool game I got it for free here greatgame {.}? ORG

  7. lokaroxygim says:

    yes!look awersome !!i? find it!!=Dª!!!fan nº1 of HP!!!=DD

  8. 1tblack says:

    Can you explaine more to be i am very interesting in this i heard alot of things suppose to? happen.

  9. luckyandshirley says:

    looks awesome. is? it worth the $ tho?

  10. hardcorefreak101 says:

    is this game better? then all the other harry potter games for PS2???

  11. justpip3 says:

    took me one day to? finish this game,and im usually the one that can’t finish games. But it was a good game though!

  12. Leniaal says:

    The last HP game was just about cleaninh up Hogwarts, let’s hope it has a little bit more action in? it now.

  13. ekrezem66 says:

    Is it a Sandbox game?
    I love the first and the second? harry potter game, because u could go anywhere u like
    The 4th and the 5th Harry Potter sucks!!!

  14. godofwar078 says:

    i’ve always loved the duel mode =D but can? you can do it online now?

  15. wizzzm says:

    this game just sucks,, if it watsnt cause i love Hp, ‘ill never get this game,,u.u xD?

  16. cedricproductions says:

    loolkslike? hp5

  17. arab1500 says:

    this game? looks sik

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