“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Trailer — Ellen Exclusive!

June 3, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Ellen is the first place where you can see the new trailer for the soon-to-be blockbuster “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”! Take a look!


25 Responses to ““Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Trailer — Ellen Exclusive!”
  1. RoCKerGUrl681 says:

    British guys? are hot

  2. ClaireQuezada says:

    Wonderful, All of us will not believe Harry Potter 7 was in fact leaked on-line!? Look at it now at watchharrypotter. us

  3. CindelynEstes290 says:

    Most of us were really pleasantly surprised that the Harry Potter movie has been already? leaked. We all saw the entire thing on watch harry potter. us (no spaces)

  4. NigeleChism says:

    We were surprised that the new HP7 movie has been already leaked. We viewed the whole thing at watchharrypotter . us

  5. melissalovesjls says:

    Rupert Grint? <3

  6. bffnmwdotcom says:

    Does it come out Dec. 7th? (For D.V.D.?)
    I wanna learn about it, I really love the series! But I’m on the last book, and I? don’t want to ruin anything by looking the books or movies up.

  7. edvinasawesome says:

    I just love these kind of movies! You can watch this at DOOKIO . c o? m

  8. phyliciacordova2 says:

    TINYURL? . COM /kr0s0uiv7m w@tch it here

  9. reickosantos says:

    You can watch? Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince full movie in my profile videos

  10. johnny3able says:

    Aww, brilliant movie, Harry Potter lived up to expectations! saw it in cinemas and online at watchit4free (.com), good quality? 2 considering its not been out long!

  11. farleyriver says:

    i love ron’s face at? 0:27

  12. bandm9 says:


  13. HogwartsnJacksgirl says:

    “I? bloody well hope so, she’s been snogging you’re face off for the past 3 months” LMAO

  14. ChoklatMunchies says:


  15. toosweet0831 says:

    oooohhh.. that would be good, but they should have put the funeral in the 6th movie, in my opinion,? instead of the 7th..it kind of ruins the flow of the plotline

  16. biggingtofade44 says:

    I have heard (this is a rumor) that the funeral is at the begging? of DH 1.

  17. toosweet0831 says:

    i saw this at midnight!!
    i was a little disappointed though, since i read the book and expecting more… i cant believe they left out apparating, the funeral, and some of the other places dumbledore took harry in the memories… and they added? random parts like the weasley’s house burning… i recommend it to ppl who havent read the book though…!!

  18. zodiacflames says:

    “alright? fine you’re in love with her but have you ever actually met her?”
    i love how dan says that xD

  19. psychofairy52264 says:

    It’s so funny when he throws the? box at Harry. It’s like “Take that!” :L
    And when he sayd “I think I love her,” and then he just looks at Harry and nods. It’s hilarious! I’ve got my tickets for wednesday! Cannot WAIT! :D

  20. ma4no0nx33 says:

    Hahah xDD

    I love rupert <333
    He’s so funny <33

    And so beautiful =Pp

    Daniel is funny, too? ! xD

  21. manesqueeze22 says:

    The Death Eaters found the Talisman of Armon. It had been stolen by a dirty lying gypsy whore!!!?

    I HAVE PROOF!!!!!!!!!!

  22. savinggrace16 says:

    Thanks for uploading! It made? my day!

  23. MegaNaje says:


  24. sportchick04 says:

    no actually about? lavender brown

  25. babygurl5321 says:

    he’s talking about Romilda Vane. I forgot who she is but it was a girl who wanted to make? Harry fall in love with her so she put a love potion in some chocolates but then Ron ate them because Harry didn’t want them.

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