Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Walkthrough Part 15 – Katie Bell; Chasing and Fighting Malfoy

June 10, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Guide for NextGenWalkthroughs Played on Xbox 360, but guide can be used for the PS3, PS2, and PC versions as well. Maybe even the Wii… Video shows meeting Katie Bell in the Great Hall, then chasing Malfoy and fighting him in the bathroom.


25 Responses to “Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Walkthrough Part 15 – Katie Bell; Chasing and Fighting Malfoy”
  1. Mr98Hitman says:

    didn’t harry get? hit by a bludger?

  2. Mr98Hitman says:


  3. dancingo4th says:

    alittle advice everybody look at the quieter person’s walkthrough videos this dude makes you want to turn the volume down. people don’t? need a guide they need to SEE and hear the game

  4. dancingo4th says:

    STOP talking we’d like to hear the gameplay use your common sense?

  5. SunshineHorsey229 says:

    The kids? at Hogwarts must have strong legs!

  6. fckgen says:

    fuck you potter? ! leave him alone

  7. TheCasualChristian says:

    So? did you and Ginny do it??


    Hide the book

    Oh, yeah

  8. 4yuxuan says:

    why not just give? him a fully charged stupefy when he’s hanging instead?

  9. Alex250778 says:

    lol im watchin the movie im playin the game and? im watching a walkthrough

  10. meijtjes says:

    The wii keeps on saying try? again when I face Draco

  11. DobbyNeverMeant2Kill says:

    the jazz music scares? me

  12. DobbyNeverMeant2Kill says:

    “here, let me hide it…” throws book? without a care in the world “there

  13. MegaBrenda2000 says:

    ginny could play baseball or cricket? with that throw

  14. dannyholy2000 says:

    XD Draco nice shot at Harry’s balls. Ginny is like I have a secret? to tell you. Ginny makes out with Harry

  15. TheToyreviewer24 says:

    6:58? draco hit harry in the nuts

  16. spiderguy997 says:


  17. lugia3332217 says:

    Ooooh, a FOOT! REAL smart? Ginny!

  18. CaptainPriceLives says:

    It was? a sad day for quidditch announcing when Lee Jordan finished his 7th year.

  19. xxsophietJJ says:

    BASH, that was milimeters? away!

  20. bmxer19ful says:

    i wish? u culd play as every position in quidditch eg. keeper chaser or beater

  21. yana718 says:

    ahhh man …i finally caught up w/Draco after watching this…thank? you

  22. bmxer19ful says:

    haha sumone came out of? the room of requirements

  23. jcskate555 says:

    tumblr? eh?

  24. punchbuggy981 says:

    how? cum they never play ravenclaw in quiddich?

  25. chrisG755 says:

    so Rons? voice is by Rupert Grint.. and the others are by randon actors?

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