Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Walkthrough Part 20 – Finale

June 12, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Guide for NextGenWalkthroughs Played on Xbox 360, but guide can be used for the PS3, PS2, and PC versions as well. Maybe even the Wii… The final part in the walkthrough showing off the last two fights.


24 Responses to “Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Walkthrough Part 20 – Finale”
  1. 2purplegurls1 says:

    finished the game in 0ne day but couldnt find all of the crest!!!! ugh they where? in the banners!

  2. darkruler64 says:

    Such atrocious? voice acting…why…just why?

  3. dmax1231000 says:

    @SaSuKeEEEhNs you? have to find petrificus totalus. i think some slytherin teaches you it.

  4. dmax1231000 says:

    then, you get to run around hogwarts? and do what ever you want

  5. krgf15 says:

    i wonder what? happens to fawkes the phoenix?

  6. krgf15 says:

    snape has epic faces

  7. xsorcererx56 says:


  8. CurlyyTotsxox says:

    I got this game yesterday and Ive almost? completed it it didnt last very long :/ I still say the first 2 harry potter video games are the best haha :D

  9. SaSuKeEEEhNs says:

    @SaggDog7 i finished this game but i? dont have a petrificus totalus spell. why?

  10. DragoSonicMile says:

    This game seems like a jinx forcing your aim to be way? off target.

  11. TheItalianpie93 says:

    It seems like harry is a really dumb… when snape says to him that He’s the? HBP harry doesn’t do anything… just shake his head xD

  12. mrcodmasterify says:

    you helped me alot thanks? :) i subed

  13. Xanaficated says:

    Anyone knows if they RE:Create Hogwarts in each game or they just RE:Upgrade the modle of the Castle and change few stuff instead cause building? a whole new Hogwarts every game sounds like a pain in the BUTT…!!

  14. FacelessEmoticons says:

    all of the jinx missed at 2:17 to 2:22…..that’s totally the? funniest thing i’d ever seen……

  15. khansteve says:

    At the end can you have ‘free time’ like go round and find shields and? stuff?

  16. TheIvankon says:

    I see your videos and the game of Harry Potter 6 esuque truth do not really like that you can not tour the castle and in the Order of the? Phoenix but your videos are great.
    And recently I went to see the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and am waiting to try the game soon.

  17. gilly0804 says:

    After the credits can you free roam? ?

  18. xxsophietJJ says:

    jesus, sounds like bellatrix is having an orgasm? XD

  19. ragminer says:


  20. heolun07 says:

    Really ???? Chose the hard game in part 7 hah?????

  21. halomaniac5071 says:

    Bellatrix’s maniacal laugh sounds very childish. Her voice? is childish in the first place…

  22. bogdan69883 says:

    you made these walktroughs very intresting because you explain to us how to do that and the dueling strategy is very useful. I LIKE YOUR VIDEOS BECAUSE IS VERY IMPORTANT TO EXPLAIN WHAT TO DO? IN A WALKTROUGH. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. mike98007 says:

    Can? you guys tell me why is this game is so easy? I finished it in 3 days although I had some problems with the cutscenes XD

  24. fireboy50819 says:

    i did this game in? 2days lol i done deathly hallows in 2months

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