Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Walkthrough Part 4 – First Quidditch Practice

June 2, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Guide for NextGenWalkthroughs Played on the Xbox 360, but guide can be used for the PS3, PS2, and PC versions as well. This video is just guiding you to your first Quidditch practice, and then the actual practice itself. Really simple stuff. Part 5 involves making another potion as well as some more dueling. Be sure to stay tuned, and keep checking back for more videos. Or you can always, you know, subscribe ;)


25 Responses to “Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Walkthrough Part 4 – First Quidditch Practice”
  1. ilovmylife726 says:

    you should be quiet to get more views? and likes

  2. BoyFromSomewhereElse says:

    How to? fly around Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Half blood prince (PC)

  3. QualityKickz says:

    aeroplane quidditch? :D ?

  4. TEEHEEx0x0123 says:

    Shut up i want? to here the game

  5. musicvidsbymag says:

    Quidditch IS a real sport. We obviously can’t fly but there are hundreds of teams? playing worldwide. Youtube games of muggle quidditch. :)

  6. Tashwampa says:

    Harry shoulda already ben on that pitch.? He’s the effing Captain. Oh Harry, you unprepared hero, you.

  7. assassinprodigy0 says:

    can someone please tell me if you can use your broomsticks whenever you want,im thinking about getting it but only for? the spells and the quidditch

  8. korilynn89 says:

    thats? what I wondering too!

  9. korilynn89 says:

    thats what I wondering too!?

  10. garethgopie says:

    dude shut up during the? cutscenes PLEASE

  11. Lucy6869 says:

    @mypicture2 I? agree

  12. mypicture2 says:

    i? really wish he wouldnt talk over the cut-scenes….

  13. jerryleeelltj says:

    My brother and I were totally stunned that the Harry Potter movie is already leaked. We all viewed the whole thing at watchharrypotter? . us

  14. LorrinMcdowell10 says:

    Many of us were stunned that the new HP7 movie was already leaked. We each enjoyed the entire thing via watchharrypotter. us

  15. weresjackgone says:

    What happened? to the fat ladys old password. Chops and Gravy! Lol

  16. Digitaldiscdrive says:

    the quidditch is? way funner in chamber of secrets ps2 version, anyone agree?

  17. heolun07 says:

    curse someone? when he can’t defend [sitting, etc], unfair!

  18. CPComputerdog says:

    damn? harry’s firebolt is fast

  19. imafreestate says:

    apparently everyone owns? a firebolt LOL, yeah i’m a harry potter nerd, wanna fight about it?

  20. ironprime287 says:

    9:21 ‘you would make very good dinner’ lol?

  21. ViobigO says:

    LOL in every video? you start it off with OK!

  22. thebestjustin100 says:

    how? you do lumos

  23. bmxer19ful says:

    can u play quidditch games wenever u want?

  24. StreetzGrimeLyfe says:

    Do you have to say “ok this is part….” in every video at the start ??

  25. poper1121 says:

    this is cool

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