ILLUMINATI World Bond Bubble

June 18, 2012 by Chelsy  
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NASI jewish Patriarch tied to Jacob, head of the assembly of the Sanhedrin. Secret societies became necessary for the NASI PRINCES OF THE BLOOD after pagan Rome executed the last NASI JEW PRINCE PATRIARCH. The Sanhedrin lost confidence in the levitical priesthood 191 bc created this position of jewish prince patriarch. Christ called the Sanhedrin the oral Jerusalem Mishna the Traditions of Men. The Sabbatean Frankists promote the false idea the Windsors will be the prophecied by catholic saints great catholic monarch. the following is a quote from a blog site of a person claiming falsely to be a “Hebrew Catholic”. There are only in fact Roman Catholics. this is a direct quote; “Prince William and Prince Harry 2. Prince Charles Philip Arthur George 3. Prince Philip Mountbatten of Greece and Denmark 4. Princess Alice of Battenburg 5. Prince Louis of Battenberg 6. Countess Julie von Hauke (Julia Brody)[married Prince Alexander of Hesse] 7. Feiga Horodenker [married Gershon Brody son of R. Moshe ben Schneur Zalman] 8. Udel Horodenker [married Rabbi Yoske] 9. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov [married Sashia (Alexandra)Brody] From my blog entry [16 September 2007] on the Davidic ancestry of Prince Harry and Prince William. “There have always been persistent claims that the Mountbatten/ Battenberg family are Jewish through Julie Von Hauke. These claims are true as Julie von Hauke was the adopted daughter of Countess Sophie [de la Fontaine]von Hauke and Count Maurice von Hauke. Maurice


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  1. seinfeildsucks says:

    Queen Ahhotep in her sovereignty decided to spare these foreign invaders and instead of exterminating? them decided to banish them to an entire country know as Athens Greece.

  2. seinfeildsucks says:

    The Hyksos Kings were an invading tribe from the North of Egypt. They were a nomadic race some say were mixed with Aryan blood and Asian. The name Hyksos which mean “Foreign rulers” had no genetic blood line to the Egyptians. The Hyksos ruled upper Egypt during the second intermediate period forming the 15th dynasty until they were chased out by Queen Ahhotep. There were accounts of these barbarian invaders on the walls of? lower Egypt.

  3. conshuscriterion says:

    In your wounds oh Jesus shield me, in? your arms hold me, with your blood cleanse my soul and with the water from your side wash my flesh, turn my head and heart away from the things of this world that may defeat me in my quest for salvation through you Almighty Jesus! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit AMEN!

  4. conshuscriterion says:

    Godfrei was visited by 9 Calabrian Monks from Italy who apparently knew his mother and helped explain to him his lineage and his responsibility! The lead monk was very vocal in support of Godfrei leading the crusades along with Hugh dePayen to reclaim the Holy Land of Jerusalem! After Godfrei succeeded he was offered the throne and declined! Therein began the saga of the Merovingians ‘reclaiming’ their supposed rightful kingship as the supposed bloodline of David! Or so the? story goes!

  5. conshuscriterion says:

    Some of the? Merovingian Kings also claimed the blood line of David and still others have claimed Noah as an ancestor! I have also heard a nasty rumor that Mary Magdalene was Queen Merovee who got pregnant by a Frankish king while simultaneously pregnant by a monster, or spirit from the sea! Perhaps their Neptune! Her offspring was the first of the Merovingian line thus the name! Later there was Lohengrin the Swan Knight and later Godfrei de Buillon who could have been Lohengrins kid!

  6. conshuscriterion says:

    That was an endtime prophecy speaking of there being life once again in the ‘Dead’ sea! Now there is only one real possibility, my opinion, that could bring that back and thats the Hand of God or His actual energy perhaps within the Ark! If then the army of millions march from the East and war with the West, across a dried up river(The Euphrates is rumored to be slowly drying up) then the only hope for mankind in general would be? the Ark of the Covenant! Maybe!?

  7. conshuscriterion says:

    Jeremiah may very well have hidden the? Ark! If it is as you say that the Templars are not necesarily the guilty party, but only the scape goat, then them hiding the Ark would make sense and thereby make the subsequent witch hunts, for those who have the Ark , make more sense as well! If the Ark is on the move constantly then so are those who seek it! Mt. Hermon is a site with Great energy similar to Shamballah! Ezekiel espoused a prophecy about the Dead Sea harboring life once again!

  8. aburke673 says:

    please keep commenting on my sites. I appreciate? your comments

  9. aburke673 says:

    the templar order was started by the Stewarts.? the royal stewarts had nothing to do with the Edomite pharisees from the stand point of lineage. the Stewarts are from the de Burghs and the Stewarts. the de Burghs are part of the Plantegenets. they had the royal blood line of Judah in their veins. they were usurped by Henry VIII who claimed to be a divine right king from Judah. this is all based on masonry. Cromwells revolt was bringing masonry outside the palace walls so to speak.

  10. aburke673 says:

    the German kings had their own freemasonry. Masonry is from Edom and Dan. It goes way back. the Pharisees were dispersed and ruled by the sword of the Persian kings after the completed their written talmud. the Persian kings were followers of mystery babylon. the pharisees finished their written talmud and got the Persian kings to? use the sword to force it on all remaiining jews/idumeans/Edom. Islam is nothing but universal talmudism while jews is race specific.

  11. aburke673 says:

    the Lombards became the Venetians and the Venetians were bankers long before the Templars. The templars guaranteed letters of credit in Jerusalem from Europe. the Venetians intermarried into European nobility. The Venetians are part of the black nobility. I think Philip headed french? masonry, took the templar wealth and justified it by outragous claims the templars were homosexuals worshipping bapthomet. the templar legends are just an extension of Philips accusations.

  12. aburke673 says:

    I think the Templars were innocent and it was the French king Philip the fair grandson of saint Louis IX who stole the Templar wealth. Philip the fair believed himself equal to the pope and the timing of? the ex cathedra decree of pope Boniface VIII was because of the defiance of Philip. I dont believe the freemason legends about the knights templar worshipping baphomet myself.. the freemasons hijacked the templar cross and even their wealth. my opinion.

  13. aburke673 says:

    the Templars were formed at the behest of their patron saint Bernard who defeated a jeiwsh anti pope in rome by his preaching, Annacletus II. the motto of Saint Bernanr is work and pray. I have read it was Mary de Guise who picked up French masonry. the French kings kept the divine right king/priest going probably through? masonry. I have read some of the Merovingian kings claimed they were sons of Neptune a variation of the fallen angels going into the daughters of men.

  14. aburke673 says:

    Mount Hermon is a great point you bring up. It makes perfect sense because the giants were genocided? in the biblical flood but they believe the fallen angels went into their race again on Mt Hermon. great point. I think the prophet Jeremias hid the ark from Edom before Jerusalem fell. Just my opinion.

  15. aburke673 says:

    yes. the Illuminati goes back to Egypt and? this reprobate seed line.

  16. conshuscriterion says:

    The Egyptian Pharoahs known as the Hyksos Kings, or Dynasty, had 6 pharoahs and I believe they became the VI-kings(Roman numeral 6)! I believe them to be the Black? Nobility and still the nobility in Great Britain today! Britain-Hebrew word meaning ‘Land of the Covenant’, and British-Hebrew word meaning ‘Man of the Covenant’! The Union Jack is the 8 armed cross/rays of Buddha and the colors refer to the Red, White, and Blue Kings/Pharoahs of Egypt! Colors coincide with our flag as well!!

  17. conshuscriterion says:

    They keep the Ark of the Covenant which I believe is a technological device the likes of which we have never seen and which could scarcely be believed by modern humans! It may be the key to opening the portal between Heaven and Earth! Hard to say! I believe it is located somewhere safe in the United States for now and will be placed in? either the Third Temple or on Mt. Hermon!

  18. conshuscriterion says:

    The Curse of Cain the Cross of Lorraine yes the Templar Cross! Which, as well, became the Maltese cross which the Germans used and unfortunately? is seen on the vestments and in churches that are supposed to be Christian churches! The Pharisees became the Templars, Templars the bankers, and the bankers are the elite or are ruled by the elite! At any rate they are given the task, by God, to keep the secrets God doesn’t want us to know but they are by no means Holy!!

  19. aburke673 says:

    the highest orders of freemasonry worship Eve the woman riding the beast/Lucifer the father of Cain and creator of Mystery Babylon. They worship the spirit of Cain who had the mark of protection for his curse and went into the daughters of men? creating a race of giants and many ancinet civilizations. Tubal Cain is their pass word. They teach TubalCain was instructed by Lucifer to make weapons of iron and bronze for war. they are a war cult who believes they are serpent seed

  20. aburke673 says:

    according to freemasonic lore; Curse of Cain is the mark of Lorraigne. a cross of protection that made Cain a king when he mated with pre adamic races. the giants? were created when the sons of God went into the daughters of men, the reason for the biblical flood was to genocide the reprobate giants. the giants were irredeemable and their every thought was evil and for evil. the sacred liturgy says the giants were created when the sons of God went into the daughters of men

  21. aburke673 says:

    Genesis 3:7-13

    7 And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.

  22. aimeecurry46 says:

    There are various spellings for many things. That is interesting what your saying about the Torsion? Field Physics, do you know what his findings were?

  23. aburke673 says:

    It seems all the serpent seed line of Cain and Cains procreation with Neandrathol was genocided in the biblical flood. However, we see later the Canaanites were? giants. The Egyptian pharoahs were probably giants. The philistines were giants. Recent archeology shows the philistines had a greek diet. Egypt set up a colony in Greece. so somehow this mutant strain continued. It is clear in the sacred liturgies the reason for the biblical flood was to genocide the giants.

  24. aburke673 says:

    oh. I see. this is true. this is why Mary blessed Theotokus womb is free from all stain of? Eve’s original sin, so Mary could give birth to the savior who is Christ.

  25. aburke673 says:

    Eves cursed womb is cursed because the blood of the flesh of her womb is cursed. she had sex with the serpent. carried both satans seed line/ Cain and God’s race the Adamic race. Cain then had sex with Neandrathol creating giants. adamic races carry this transmitted guilt of the blood of the flesh of the womb because of Eve. the adamic race was forced to grow in her womb where her blood of the flesh of her womb was cursed? because satans seed line grew in her womb along with the adamic race

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