Journey To The Cave – Nicholas Hooper [Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince]

June 3, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Journey To The Cave – Nicholas Hooper (Music does not belong to me)


25 Responses to “Journey To The Cave – Nicholas Hooper [Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince]”
  1. firebalfireballharry says:

    those dumbass fuckers disliked it? why would they hate a pieace by the nicholas hooper people who dislike are gonna get nut checked

  2. aryllia says:

    I hope the lot of you will fix the sound on your respective computers so you can comment on the music instead of the poor sod who happened to commit the heinous crime of having a different opinion than you.

    I’d? say the subject of the dislike has been discussed ad nauseam.

  3. MononokeRose91 says:

    yesturday I was randomly looking up stuff and I happened to start finding research on Pompeii and the eruption that destroyed it and while I was? looking at the pictures of the aftermath this song was stuck in my head it went too perfecty with what I was reading and looking at it was haunting and epic.

  4. MultiJackyll says:

    to the disliker…I hope the inferi? get you

  5. EpicRaidersOfWoW says:

    1? person is a Twilight fan

  6. marneebox says:

    he/she obviously doesn’t appreciate good music? when they hear it :)

  7. Luisdanieltv says:

    Nicholas Hooper:? The best atmospheric soundtrack composer of the world

  8. Mordanis says:

    maybe it was? an accident?

  9. blueboy921 says:

    isnt it obvious you idiot ?
    voldemort was it? !

  10. blueboy921 says:


  11. EpicRaidersOfWoW says:

    The one person who disliked? this is def, his hearing ability was destroyed by the epicness of this.

  12. RocksBob says:

    It’s? a masterpiece.

  13. davidsonbasser says:

    @DaGrazzhawpahzz Right! He? DID after all experience his worst fears while in there. It actually makes sense.

  14. nacholaos says:

    1 dislike:? Hi Voldemort!!

  15. EpicRaidersOfWoW says:

    Apparently? Voldamort has a youtube account….

  16. Epicocitygaming says:

    or maybe he thought it meant Dis i like?

  17. Epicocitygaming says:

    He thought? it meant Download.

  18. maxm2317 says:

    Alfred: This is absurd. How could my plan have backfired so badly??

  19. TheRoeyboy says:

    look at the dislike bar voldemort cuz that the side of your dick !! XD?

  20. MrChipi12345 says:


  21. jodilovesdanecook says:

    it? was voldemort

  22. mikeriddlevideo says:

    only Voldermort can click “dislike”? =))

  23. MrPYRO177 says:

    that disliker? is voldimort.

  24. DaGrazzhawpahzz says:

    ok IF dumbledore was the one who disliked this, you cant really blame him :) ?

  25. Xindi1985 says:

    because? he is an asshole!^^

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