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June 1, 2012 by Chelsy  
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kd is interviewed on BBC Breakfast on 18th April 2011, promoting her new album Sing It Loud. References to Wallis Simpson and Kate Middleton are due to earlier report about Walis Simpson and an interview with a woman who has discovered she’s third cousin to Kate Middleton.. whoopee. Sing It Loud is the new album by kd and The Siss Boom Bang – please do yourself a favour and buy a copy! Visit these official sites to find out more about kd lang and her music. www.kdlang.com www.nonesuch.com No copyright infringement is intended in any way. However, if the copyright owner wishes for the video to be removed please contact me directly and let me know. Thank you.


21 Responses to “kd lang – BBC Breakfast 2011”
  1. toadchrome says:

    Such? a Voice, and an interesting gal…Love her, can’t wait to hear her in San Antonio, this Tuesday. (k.d., what took so long to visit SA again??? Last time she was here was the ’90′s, and she tore the Majestic Theater apart….can not wait to have her here once more!) Blessings Allaround

  2. hollbri2 says:

    great lady-she? keeps roys legacy alive

  3. ladycharsw says:

    She sings so good, and? is sexy, handsome, too!!

  4. someonezmom says:

    I remember watching KD on the Alan Hamel? show in the early 80′s? and thinking what a dynamo..I was right

  5. 29fighterchic says:

    Wow,it’s really hard to explain just? how much of an icon and a hero she is to me.All it took was one watch of her “constant craving” video and I was hooked,there really is nobody else like k.d lang and that tickles me pink,during this time where many artists are a dime a dozen and scripted,I saw her concert less than a month ago and I will never ever forget it!I have never been disappointed with anything she has done,she justs moves effortlessly through time with her sound,what a charmer!

  6. unholyimage says:

    Meh, sorry to? say her new stuff don’t speak to me. I could go on but won’t.

  7. langsense says:

    Well it’s only a breakfast show so it’s not going to cover a lot of areas and kd? was only there to sell the album and tour.

    It would be great to see an hour long interview, such as she did in the Ingenue days.

  8. 05tjj says:

    nice interview but only touched upon a few things – i was a bit disappointed – she’s so multi-dimensinal, hugely talented, etc. and this seemed a? bit superficial (not k.d.) – but nice to see her in 2011 – k.d. i’d recognize u anywhere – !!!

  9. bizintin says:

    I am profoundly grateful for the gift of KD Lang, her powerful, dazzling voice and the beauty of her presence and radiant spirit. I care deeply for her and that she be happy, safe and valued for the? gift she is. I love her modeling for all of us how wonderful we Lesbians are! (I am 76)

  10. CattyCatRanch says:

    Uhm, I don’t know beans about fashion . . . but what the heck is the purpose of that belt the blonde is wearing??? Looks really? odd.

    kd, however, looks great!! Really nice skin. ;)

  11. Mzterie says:

    The woman who was on just before her? was hysterically funny! It would have made a great lead in to k.d.

  12. etsmom1217 says:

    Nice interview Jools!!! Thank fofr posting this rom those of us in the US who? don’t get it here!!!


  13. krysant50 says:

    THANK YOU, JOOLS, brilliant post

    and i agree with SUE! WMG-CONSTANT SWINES! ha? ha:>(

  14. langsense says:

    Thanks folks. ? :-)

  15. janinasplace says:

    you are my k.d. lang video goddess… thanks for sharing my friend and hope you get to? see her in london. x

  16. maggiebeer says:

    Delightful! So glad I had a chance to see this. It’s really nice to see and hear all the buzz about? a tour!

  17. reallybigname says:

    KD Lang called, and she wants? her video back.

  18. MsSusanmary says:

    Thanx for posting this — she is gorgeous !!!
    Already have? my tickets for Nov !!

  19. langsense says:

    Thanks Sue. I’m surprised my account is still here!? Let’s hope it works out nicely.

  20. TheLangChannel says:

    Thank you Jools for? posting – I managed to miss the interview when it was on live.
    Sorry to hear about the dispute with WMG – the swines :>(

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