Makeup with Emma Watson – Half-Blood Prince DVD Special Feature

June 7, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Makeup with Emma Watson. From the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD Special Features.


25 Responses to “Makeup with Emma Watson – Half-Blood Prince DVD Special Feature”
  1. sophiewhitehead88 says:

    Those dark marks should be available to buy! :P ?

  2. Moses Singletary says:

    Emma…you got that right,? TessiLovesMaslow!

  3. TessiLovesMaslow says:

    Neville? our hero. <3 And pretty Emma.

  4. herreguda says:

    Dean Thomas? got hot.

  5. PeaceLoveAndCrafts says:

    Yeah, I? never noticed that Matt’s eyes were closed until he mentioned it…

  6. aleca15 says:

    “and Tom..” aaaaah my heart stopped for awhile? there ;)

  7. aleca15 says:

    no Matthew, you placed? it on the wrong side ;(

  8. LaughingOutLoud707 says:

    Neville looks really hot in the last 3 movies. And I just realized how hot the? actor is! ^_^

  9. BluberryMuffin652 says:

    The hottest? guys on the harry potter movies. I mean hottest by the end :)

  10. ebzzzwebzzz says:


  11. Sonicboom567 says:


  12. marvolomethod says:

    well this? is on the half blood prince dvd

  13. Chouqette69 says:

    Hysterical, that’s? the word!

  14. IAMTheNerdHerd says:

    its not for any part of? the movie, they just put a dark mark on Emma for fun. Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything!

  15. ThatPotterTribute7 says:

    How did? this not win an oscar!

  16. SelGomezFan62 says:

    Yeah I received an 8 film box set too and same thing no special? features… :(

  17. alyce4jensen says:

    i just bought the 8 film box set and every movie except the deathly? hallows came with out the special features…im pissed off!

  18. ebzzzwebzzz says:

    can sumone say why she has? a dark mark and wat part of the movie it is and also the tatoo man

  19. jbj10497 says:

    I would give ANYTHING for one of those dark? mark temporary tattoos.

  20. mathtransparent says:

    On? the photo, Tom is the cuuuuutest ;D

  21. mathjb94 says:

    I? absolutely LOVE matt (LL)

  22. hisprincess1998 says:

    they also put little plastic peices behind his ears to make them stick out slightly, and? i think he had a fat suit and cotton balls in his chhek…poor guy. lol..but without all that, hes hot ;D

  23. Floppsy78 says:

    And the ears, don’t? forget the ears

  24. CUPKAKEbotdfXD says:

    That one moment? in life when ur like”wow Neville is………nvm…..well…..he’s nice tho”and then a few years later ur like “woah wa wait is that hot guy over there NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM?????wtf man???”

  25. ddlovatofan001 says:

    Oh, Neville. Puberty did you? well.

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