POLAR BEAR Anthem – LMFAO Party Rock Parody

June 4, 2012 by Chelsy  
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11 Responses to “POLAR BEAR Anthem – LMFAO Party Rock Parody”
  1. 22ceen says:

    Great job!? Wish I could have been there

  2. LendUsYourVoice says:

    We invite Shania Twain!?

  3. LendUsYourVoice says:

    We invite Celine Dion!?

  4. LendUsYourVoice says:

    We invite? Corey Vidal!

  5. LendUsYourVoice says:

    We invite LMFAO?

  6. LendUsYourVoice says:

    Thank you to? everyone that came out & played a part in making this video!

  7. lynncotgrave says:

    great? job! wish I could have been in town for this

  8. tracycave says:

    I also invite LMFAO!
    Hands up to all!!! Thanks? to everyone who came out in the rain to show their support!!!

  9. Alicia172005 says:

    great job,? even when the weather sucked!

  10. JP Genier says:

    Awsome Job, Thanks to all that came out in the rain to show their? support!!!
    I invite LMFAO!!!

  11. cochranepolarbear awarenessweek says:

    Please Comment – who should lend their voice – It will help :) :) ?

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