Prince William And the Illuminati New World Order Symbolism pointing to the 2012 Olympics Climax

June 15, 2012 by Chelsy  
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A look at the symbolism shown in Washington DC area. All pointing towards the 2012 Olympics and Prince William as the Next King of the World.. The Freemasons and Illuminati have been planning this for hundreds of Years if Not thousands. The Rise of the NWO. Rapture. World War 3. Revelation 18. Msytery Babylon. mark of the Beast. Image of the Beast.Fallen Angels. UFO alien Deception.False Prophet.Antichrist.


23 Responses to “Prince William And the Illuminati New World Order Symbolism pointing to the 2012 Olympics Climax”
  1. zebi798 says:

    What does he mean god? told him…

  2. 93Gatorchomp93 says:

    its pronounced Loud-oun? i live there..

  3. SirWilliamEdwards3 says:

    so if? someone is a mason they are evil the university i go to all the buildings were done by masons or a good amount and you see? their emblem on the buildings.

  4. pilsner666 says:

    I live in Estonia i just cant imagine whats gonna happen here.
    Are we going to get nuked here or what?
    Estonia is below Finland and russia is? our neighbour

  5. Isalex77 says:

    The “clown head” in the square looks to me like a scull? with a pyramid + sun on top.

  6. NbaNnicksAllDay says:

    its done because , they symbolize everything , EVERYWHERE YOU GO you see someway or some type of Satanic Symbol It May Not Be Visible To A Close Minded , Person And The Illuminati Makes Your Mind Becomes Closed IT’s because THEY SYMBOLIZE EYE ON OR DOLLAR BILL , THIS EVERYWHERE YOU GO ! ITS MADE FOR YOU TO HAVE A? CLOSED MIND OR BLOCKING YOUR THIRD EYE , YES @TheGroxt YOUR CORRECT !
    But an open minded person like I ,Will Not Fall For Such This For Thy Father Jesus Christ Has Gave Me An EXTA EYE

  7. MelissaSpirit says:

    take a look at Rik Clay’s work.?

  8. TheGroxt says:

    America is the Daughter of Babylon.The WHore Of mystery babylon.
    Both are destroyed.
    Babylon is? Fallen fallen. 2 times.
    Babylon and its Whore will both fall.
    Jeremiah 50 and 51 revelation 17 and 18

  9. mlp633 says:

    Rome has the 7 hills and is? the BAbylon REvelations is speaking about, not America.

  10. OldsManRocket says:

    Excellent work, Thanks for sharing, may our Lord Jesus continue to Bless us. May he Come Quickly.. Jesus is Lord..? God Bless

  11. mdwlcx says:


  12. Ebenezer18 says:

    This is insane …great video?

  13. harmageden says:

    15.33 ….the great exodus , around? 1500 BC . That would coincide with the 3600 year cycle of the planet Nibiru , which is supposed to have an impact on the Earth this year , if not already .
    It seemed to be the application of the slaughtered calves blood on the door frame that saved them . This being the origins of the Passover … Exodus 12 : 21 – 23 .
    3600 years have passed , is their another ‘ Passover ‘ about to occur ?
    2 Peter 3 : 8 -14 . What Kingdom is coming ? Math 24 : 9 – 14 ?

  14. jvsm1971 says:

    sorry,mean Monarch mind control -?

  15. jvsm1971 says:

    Some have said of those abused in “monarch” are often raped/tortured by a person they know ie their father, dressed up in? a clown suit. Clown represents something sinister and evil to them. I’ve always hated clowns.

  16. toporflop123 says:

    jo guys I’M that clown? i’m doomed pray for me

  17. summa2201 says:

    im interested to see? what you find if you do a video on chicago, since you mention obama may or not be an antichrist, i saw many things there, have you seen anything interesting there?

  18. 1foggel1 says:

    the world is indeed infected, and eventually? God will say enough…we are living dangerous times, times in which the antichrist will rise to power and enforce the mark of the beast on us, those who take the chip are doomed. but who amongst us will have the strenght to give up the power to buy or sell? so few i fear…

  19. 8heartbalance says:

    The Anti christ is born from the origin of Baltic’s where? his grandfather is from ? another strange fact is The Prince was married on the same date as Hitler was ?… they changed the date “many times” ?…. only God Knows…. this video isnt loading for me =/ =)

  20. TheGroxt says:

    Thats exactly my point. It is everywhere. Yourown town and city and block will be donelike this in some way. They form a gaint network cross the whole earth. The whole earth every city even hong Kong. N korea,U name it it is infected,Why?? For power.If we get into tesla Power then this is it. All of this is coiled worship. The whole world every single neghorhood is funneled to the Clown.So yes. It is everywhere.See why the Lord will have to destroy everything?
    The Whole world is infected.

  21. 1foggel1 says:

    did God tell you to look at those places like that?…cause it looks to me like this is to much for nothing, why would the illuminati set? up roads and parks like that?…i haven’t been looking but i bet you can finds things like that everywhere…you could be wrong with this stuff.

  22. Deah92fooeee says:

    When you are showing us the symbol of the Illuminati meteor card there is a? cross on the google map as well. Does anyone else see the cross?

  23. 2323bful says:

    I love your WORK!?

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