Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert: Gary Barlow wants a beautiful night

June 8, 2012 by Chelsy  
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Take That star Gary Barlow says he hopes the Queen will come out and watch her favourite artists during the Diamond Jubilee concert. Report by Adam Sich. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com


25 Responses to “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert: Gary Barlow wants a beautiful night”
  1. LouishWaltz says:

    No, what you want, Gary, is a knighthood.
    You grovelling, cringing,? fawning, royal arse-licking toady.

  2. Airwolfgalexbucksfiz says:

    Gary Barlow raises alot of money for charity so b4 you start slagging him of do your homework first, he does not boast about the amount he raises and how he does not like others? who like the attention.

  3. markieandme says:

    Gary 4? president :)

  4. Daemonlinks says:

    But luckily caught? Cheryl, Lenny, Rolf and Cliff – kill me now please

  5. Daemonlinks says:

    I missed the bit when they beheaded that lard arse? talentless fuck Robbie (wanna-be-American) Williams

  6. BarlowenSAFC says:

    He also went travelling around the Commonwealth for unknown talented singers and artists to sing the song for the? Queen. Not many people in the charts do that these days.

  7. Paul Martin says:

    Surely it’s not. He only organised a concert. Get a grip !!! There are people who have devoted their lives caring for others, who get nothing, and you want to give this creep a medal for organising a concert. You actually think it was all his doing…. the mind boggles. 600? technicians were involved, and countless others, Barlow just drew up a list , and invited people. Nothing more….. Knighthood indeed.

  8. Paul Martin says:

    For putting on a show, are? you serious. Never heard so much bollocks in all my days. Any event organiser could have done the same job, just that they couldn’t get past Barlow. He wasn’t going to miss his chance for a reward. It’s bloody sickening.

  9. Paul Martin says:

    Barlow, one of the biggest brown noses? in the land. You can see the wheels turning , in his suck hole of a mind. Knighthood… knighthood… yum yum…. It’s bloody pathetic. And that other creep. Alan Titchmarsh, another one with shit on his nose, waiting for his reward. What is wrong with Barlow, talking like he’s had elecution lessons, slowly blinking etc. What’s going on there. Wierd, or what. Like he’s been smoking something.

  10. itgetseasierlessitry says:

    If Barlow gets knighted for this, then Harold Pinter was right when he said Knighthoods? have become “tacky”.

  11. noizy4 says:

    What is that brown stuff on the end of his nose??

  12. noizy4 says:

    A load? of old bollocks, fucking creeps!

  13. pipflip20 says:

    Imagine if Nick Clegg get on the stage. tens of thousands of? people wouldve booed him to smitherins!!

  14. sweetypie000 says:

    Whoever paid for it it’s great advertising for the royals cementing their elitest power?

  15. AdamTheMan1993 says:

    You do know this whole event was paid by private investors right? the tax payers has nothing to? do with this

  16. RECKANOWHERE says:

    What a crawler?

  17. sweetypie000 says:

    who cares, the royals should be abolished they have done nothing but take all their lives and previous lives.

    Anyone can throw an expensive elaborate and? oppulent party at the taxpayers expense for the purpose of winning favour and cementing their position on the thrown,

    It is pathetic. We are like worker bees breaking our balls and bodies for people like the royals to live their lives of holidays and oppulence.

    I am only happy about a day off.

  18. newlabourfascists says:

    Tory? twat and establishment ass-licking toady.

  19. 02Blackbeard says:

    Piss off…he’s done nothing for anyone. Anyway, what is being knighted except? the recognition of another Establishment toadie.

  20. TheSheeplealarmclock says:

    Please check out – illuminati? : The Royal Bloodline Family

  21. Tokyorosebiz says:

    Please check out Long Live? the King a Rock Song specially written for the Queens Diamond Jubilee. After watching this you will appreciate her majesty the Queen.

  22. SusieRichards says:

    Well done Gary you’ve put together a great line-up, I hope you’re? knighted soon

  23. yorkshirealison says:

    hope the others from? tt will be doing it

  24. yorkshirealison says:

    i want? to go

  25. CheekymOnKeY572 says:

    You mean? SIR Gary Barlow, right??

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