ILLUMINATI World Bond Bubble

June 18, 2012 by Chelsy  
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NASI jewish Patriarch tied to Jacob, head of the assembly of the Sanhedrin. Secret societies became necessary for the NASI PRINCES OF THE BLOOD after pagan Rome executed the last NASI JEW PRINCE PATRIARCH. The Sanhedrin lost confidence in the levitical priesthood 191 bc created this position of jewish prince patriarch. Christ called the Sanhedrin the oral Jerusalem Mishna the Traditions of Men. The Sabbatean Frankists promote the false idea the Windsors will be the prophecied by catholic saints great catholic monarch. the following is a quote from a blog site of a person claiming falsely to be a “Hebrew Catholic”. There are only in fact Roman Catholics. this is a direct quote; “Prince William and Prince Harry 2. Prince Charles Philip Arthur George 3. Prince Philip Mountbatten of Greece and Denmark 4. Princess Alice of Battenburg 5. Prince Louis of Battenberg 6. Countess Julie von Hauke (Julia Brody)[married Prince Alexander of Hesse] 7. Feiga Horodenker [married Gershon Brody son of R. Moshe ben Schneur Zalman] 8. Udel Horodenker [married Rabbi Yoske] 9. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov [married Sashia (Alexandra)Brody] From my blog entry [16 September 2007] on the Davidic ancestry of Prince Harry and Prince William. “There have always been persistent claims that the Mountbatten/ Battenberg family are Jewish through Julie Von Hauke. These claims are true as Julie von Hauke was the adopted daughter of Countess Sophie [de la Fontaine]von Hauke and Count Maurice von Hauke. Maurice