A Year in Review: 2011 (Original Song)

April 22, 2012 by Chelsy  
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cupofjoeshow.com GET THE APP bit.ly TWITTER: bit.ly FACEBOOK: on.fb.me GOOGLE+ bit.ly Don’t forget! I post a video every Wednesday on ‘Answerly,’ so check it out, yo: youtube.com Lyrics: Lindsay Lohan stole a necklace Amy drank herself to heaven A lot of shit went down In the year 2011 Steve Jobs gave us a lot of stuff Before kicking the bucket But he left us with the 4S And told us all to suck it While Wall Street was well-occupied Being gay is still a sin At least that is according To that bitch, Michele Bachmanm Charlie Sheen was always winning And the rapture didn’t happen But that shouldn’t mess up Amy Winehouse’s planning The shouts rang out for proof of birth Donald Trump says that’s not fair I guess I’d be pissed off as well If I called that my hair Kate got married to a Prince Justin Beiber has no heir Kim Kardashian did something dumb And no one really cared Then Adele set fire to the rain And Britney’s back on top Can’t say the same for Christina Her album was a flop Let’s not forget when Alec Baldin Got kicked right off that plane But he made fun of it on SNL And that makes it okay Oh yeah, I guess Osama died But that’s not the biggest part I hope the world ends 2012 Because Oprah won’t be on No Oprah won’t be on No Oprah won’t be on Do we want to live in such a world? Now that Oprah is gone? Pictures used under Creative Commons 2.0 or 3.0: www.flickr.com via JasonLangheine www.flickr.com via mattbuchanan www.flickr.com via Brett Jordan www.flickr.com via