Stupid Royalist tries to defend the Royal wedding.. AND FAILS!

April 16, 2012 by Chelsy  
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As the big day draws ever closer, the likely hood of protests increases. This clip is from the Jeremy Vine radio show. Where a republican is planning a “Not the royal wedding street party” to show that not all British people support the Monarchy. A royalist who I swear is living in the 1950s can’t understand how anyone would dare dislike the royal family or have any democratic reason to dislike them. This clip is so hilarious I had to share it with you all. Enjoy. Tags,, Kate middleton prince william wedding engagement

Chelsea (davey) Being stupid!

January 14, 2011 by Chelsy  
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hahahha Welll As you No am A Crazy Person And Loving it So Go rip the piss outta me PLEASE!!! =D xxxxx I had No Idea What 2 Talk About!! :/