Funny HAPPY BIRTHDAY rap song!: “Chicken Wrapper”

April 21, 2012 by Chelsy  
Filed under Royal Family News

Click: to personalise & send this video! Click: for 100′s of fun interactive videos! ‘Like’ to get a free 24 hour VIP pass! We make it easy for you to add your voice, change the title, description and tags, and even add credits to the end! Nobody will forget the first time the chicken wrapper says happy birthday. Just enter the names to personalise this video. Everybody in the club put your wings up! Stalk us on: Facebook at: Twitter: at Blog: This funny “talking chicken” song is brought to you by through our channel Murdgestudio. Voice over talking animals, puppets, celebrities, politicians. Subtitle and parody silly sketches from famous political speeches to babies, and then send your personalised interactive video to friends! Personalise a Hitler or Gaddafi speech, get Prince William to tell Kate Middleton that he prefers Pippa Middleton on their wedding day, get Tony Blair to condemn your friends, invite Steven Tyler or Rihanna to come to your party, or simply put a smile on a friends face with a silly song. Make the world laugh on YouTube, or simply cheer up a friend. The choice is yours. Here is the script for this silly puppet song: Background: You may not know this, but chickens can rap. In fact the cockadoodledo is actually just a way of warming up the vocal chords as beatboxing all day takes it out of you. All across the country, unknown to farmers and livestock